About Us

Mshiry provides Design-built Turnkey contracting services needed for single source execution of mission critical Integrated Building Management projects:

Our customers matter to us. We see them as long-term partners rather than a one-off job, which is why we take the time to focus on each individual case, rather than trying to apply a standard cookie-cutter response.

At MSHRIY, we pride ourselves on our integrity, transparency, honesty and work ethic and we’re rapt to hear customers consider our practical solutions world class.

MSHRIY have built a strong business that values information as the most critical part of any organisation. Based on this belief, MSHRIY has developed a range of services that help clients to use information in an intelligent manner: access it, interpret it and use it to make better-informed choices.

You should come to MSHRIY with high expectations. We promise to be your most approachable and committed partner. It should be easy to work with MSHRIY, and we will make every effort to understand your needs better than anyone else does. We also promise to make sure you receive exactly the right expertise the situation calls for. Whatever challenge you’re facing, you can count on MSHRIY to solve it.

We at MSHRIY cater to customers who want innovative and sustainable solutions which require complex integration for various energy systems in building. It ranges from single function to global integrated network. At MSHRIY we believe in making our customer’s life hassle free and comfortable. We offer solutions that bring buildings to life solutions which are both easy to install and use combining entertainment with security for complete enjoyment and peace of mind. For innovative infrastructures we provide solutions not only to operate in a way that is functionally optimal but energy efficient, environment friendly and secure.