EMS System (Energy Management)

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Energy Services cum Auditor

Energy efficiency can often be improved through nil and low cost solutions. MSHRIY believe true value comes from approaching energy management collaboratively, drawing on the skills and experience of our in-house specialists / experts across departments. We have undertaken a wide range of energy saving initiatives for various building types and sectors including LED, BMS and HVAC upgrades as well as implementing ISO 50001 energy management systems and behavioural changes. Our consultants have extensive experience in managing small scale projects to multimillion pound schemes ensuring the identified savings are delivered. We have fully qualified Chartered Energy Consultant as per GEDA(Gujarat Energy development authority), Chartered Engineers, Within our Technical Energy Centre highly sophisticated software systems calculate the cause and effect of all recommended efficiencies, new technologies, operational and behavioral measures. We can remotely manage energy data and operate equipment efficiently through use of Building Management Systems. We manage the capital expenditure requirements of HVAC equipment aligned to our clients’ corporate objectives. Our accredited consulting engineers are constantly evaluated to ensure their skills are up to date and relevant.

Pump/motor Efficiency

We can implement demand-based control strategies for pump and fan inverters. We’ll make sure this is in tune with occupancy patterns and heating demand.

Occupancy Profiling

We’ll make sure your time schedules automatically adapt to accommodate patterns of building usage and operational requirements.

Sequencing Strategies

We can review, modify and fine tune your sequencing strategies to include all plant – boilers, chillers, heater batteries. We can provide ‘on-demand’ operation of plant to ensure you maximise on the low-tariff periods.

Start-stop Planning

We can help you decide the most appropriate start and stop times for plant and equipment based on requirements and tariffs.

Energy Saving Strategies

We can define specific and measurable energy saving strategies for your business, allowing you to use a minimal amount of energy whilst maintaining an optimum environment.

Operational Status

Improving operational efficiency – reducing site call-outs, and identifying equipment failures – is often a key objective. In addition to lighting and HVAC, we can monitor the operational status of a wide range of plant and equipment at stations, on platforms and in depots. This saves time, money and labour.


Sometimes it is necessary to bill tenants for their own energy use (perhaps a station café). We provide sub-metering strategies which ensure you can track energy use and re-invoice accordingly.

Control & Support Services

Remote Fixes

Depending on how you want to work with us (and the amount of in-house resource you have), we provide several levels of support: we can relay issues to your site FM team; provide a remote fix if possible; or send a qualified engineer to site.

Alarm Analysis & Reporting

Our alarm reporting enables you to view incidents estate-wide and drill down to the site level for a more detailed analysis. Alarms are intelligently prioritised and redirected as appropriate.

Changes To Settings

Sometimes operating hours can change, either permanently or seasonally (for things like Christmas or altered shift patterns). We can change your settings globally for you, removing any hassle and ensuring your sites are still well managed.

Fault Diagnosis

Using intelligence gained from your environment, or by interfacing directly with your plant, we can remotely diagnose faults in plant and have them flagged with your FM provider.