SCADA & Process automation

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Instrumentation & Process automation

The Instrumentation and Control department at MSHRIY Consultants offers you a complete portfolio of expertise to meet all your needs in this domain. The groups offers you a global solution: our experts imagine optimal solutions and contribute to their development to achieve efficient installations.

  •  DCS implementation
  •  PLC implementation
  •  Control system implementation studies
  •  Safety Instrumented System (SIS) studies
  •  Burner Management System (BMS) studies
  •  Control strategy optimization
  •  Hot cutover of control systems
  •  Control system upgrade or modernization
  •  Field instrument smart network
  •  Process control operator display
  •  Pre-operational verifications
  •  Commissioning and start-up assistance

Instrumentation And Control Experts

  • Instrumentation Group
  • Functional Safety – Safety Instrumented System (SIS)
  • Industrial Computing
    • OPC Integration
    • Process Cycle monitor
    • Historian Deployment
  • Machine Safety
  • Alarm Management
    • Honeywell ACM
  • Abnormal situation management (ASM)
  • Burner Management Systems (BMS)